KSR Code X 125 E4

KSR Code X 125 E4

  • KSR Code X 125 E4
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Since its market launch, the popular KSR MOTO Code 125 has become a reliable everyday companion for many people.

The proven, air-cooled four-stroke engine is low-emission and economical – both in terms of fuel consumption and in terms of maintenance.

The classic form blends in with modern accents such as the red rim rings and the striking headlights to make a timeless overall picture that will provide joy for many years. The semi-digital display is always clearly informative about the most important parameters.

Perforated wave disc brake discs in the front and rear, an upside-down fork front, and a gas pressure rear ensure riding is comfortable and well manageable even with a sporty driving style. The spacious 17-litre tank and a standard fuel consumption of only 2.1 litres per 100 kilometres allow up to 800 kilometres of range. The KSR MOTO Code 125 is therefore well equipped for longer trips.

No matter how far and how long you travel – with the KSR MOTO Code 125 you can enjoy freedom on 2 wheels and start every day with 100% motivation!

A great vehicle for novice riders (in Europe possible from 16 years with the A1 driver’s licence!) and those getting into it again (eg in Austria with the B-licence with B111 additional training).

Standard Equipment

LED Daylight
LED indicators
Digital Speedometer

Sirion 50E2

General model information, and some of the features and/or specifications mentioned may not be available on all models.


  1.  Engine Type 125cc 4-stroke, air-cooled
  2.  Horsepower 8 kW @ 9000 rpm
  3.  CO2-Emission: 48 g/kgm
  4.  Consumption: 2,1 l/100km
  5.  Gears: 5 speed


  1. Weight 132 Kgs.
  2. Dimensions: 2040 x 780 x 1070 mm
  3. Brakes front/rear  disc/drum
  4. Fuel Capacity: 5 l
  5. Colours: White, Black

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KSR Code X 125 E4